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of GPS Recovery

Our supportive structured sober living is based on three principles: Support, Structure and Service. Each principle gives the resident the ability to build a secure, solid foundation in early recovery, that will ideally put them on a path for sustained recovery. All of these principles will give residents the ability to learn, grow, and ultimately become responsible for their own recovery which truly is the best and only way for residents to remain clean. From our experience and circling back to our philosophy residents will learn how to remain clean in real life setting.


GPS Recovery

GPS Support will be provided by the culture and community developed within the house to further residents’ recovery. In a supportive collaborative environment, we will encourage residents to develop a plan to move their recovery and lives forward in a positive direction. Fostering a positive community atmosphere within our houses, along with experiencing the world of recovery, GPS believes this will provide the support needed to navigate this challenging world when leaving treatment. Having the proper support system is paramount in allowing residents to make the changes necessary for long term recovery.

Our ultimate goal is to show residents that a new life is possible.


GPS Recovery

GPS Recovery believes a structured environment gives residents the stability needed in early recovery to build a foundation within the house as well as in the community. GPS believes this will help in learning how to live a balanced life for years to come and navigate a challenging world.  Structure looks different for each resident coming into GPS. We will work in collaboration with residents to define sense of purpose on a daily basis. Our goal is to help build a structured life that will push towards positive progress. We believe in an interactive approach where we work together through dialogue and input to develop a plan that would be best suited for the resident. This approach ensures that we address each residents particular needs and create a plan of action that yields positive results.


GPS Recovery

GPS Recovery Service reflects the importance of giving back and mentoring newer residents. After a resident has been with GPS for a while and exhibits a solid foundation within their own program, they will be asked to foster a positive culture within the house. 

Furthermore, longer term residents will be asked to take on more responsibility such as facilitating house meetings, preparing and cooking meals, planning activities outside of the house, and most importantly mentoring the new members; and demonstrating how imperative all three steps are at GPS. It has been said, if one can fully, authentically and generously give, in the way of service, they have gotten the meaning of their personal lessons.

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